Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
An HO Scale Model Railroad by David Lotz



NMRA National Photos
July 12-14, 2001

If there are visitors who came to one of the open houses during this convention with photos they'd like to share, please contact me!  These are the only two photos I have of those open houses.

Thumb  We laid the B&MRR's Golden Spike just a week before the NMRA National Convention opened in
 St. Louis in 2001.  We had been working 17 months towards this goal, and we made it!  Since
 scenery was scarce, I posted many prototype photos to represent the scenes that we would be
 modeling to give the visitors a feel for where they were on the layout.  This view shows Dave
 discussing the Burlington (lower) and West Burlington (upper) while the crowd is focused on the 
 Here is the best view we have of the "Temple to Plywood" as it became known to those in our
 round robin.  In the foreground and looping to the right is the mainline ascending the West
 Burlington Hill.  The helix is in the very center, with the loaded BN coal drag nearing the top.
 Above the coal train on the flat plane, is the reversing loops for the upper level.  The photos on the
 deck are of the Moehn Brewery near it's footprint.