Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
An HO Scale Model Railroad by David Lotz



Gateway Division NMRA Open House Photos
November 5, 2005
These photos are courtesy of Loren Johnson, Aurora, Illinois

Thumb  Galesburg Coaling Tower with both incarnations of CB&Q S4A #4000 aka Aeolus.


  Later View with SD7's 300 & 303 passing under the tower.
Thumb   Creston Staging Yard.
Thumb   Galesburg Depot as painted by Joshua Lotz.
Thumb  Thumb   John Jacobs operates his train with Phil Hansen watching.
Thumb   OK...so the Mississippi River bed makes for a great flat place for an additional workbench...
Thumb   The K-Line junction showing Q Connection's Wood Tower with complete interior.  The late Dave
  Beck, master craftsman & railroad modeler built two complete interiors with moving interlocking
  levers, one for his Wood Tower, and one as a gift to the B&MRR.  Where the ties change color to
  the lower right corner is the new crossover so that trains can get directly out of the Burlington
  Yard eastbound over the bridge or onto the K-Line.  This is one of those design flaws that appear
  during operating sessions.  For some strange reason, the road crews and the Dispatcher didn't
  care for backing trains through downtown Burlington to cross over to the eastbound main.
  Go figure!
Thumb  Here's a good shot of a train ascending the helix - this clearly shows the helix merging with the
 upper deck, the upper reverse loop (top, level track), how the double-track main loops with the
 helix for one round, and a glimpse of the lower reverse loop.  The snapshot shows the Moehn 
Thumb  Here's a better shot of a train on the lower reverse loop.  In the foreground is the double-track
 mainline on the West Burlington Hill, and the siding for the Moehn Brewery.
Thumb   John Lewis...this is not what I meant when I told the engineer to get a helper when his train
  stalled on the West Burlington Hill!
 The rail detector cars (OMI) on the siding at the West Burlington depot.