Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
An HO Scale Model Railroad by David Lotz



April 14, 2008 A New Home

On April 14, 2008 we closed on a new home in Pooler, GA, that just happens to have a 2nd floor that will be convertible to hold the B&MRR!  We were going to leave the B&MRR in the storage unit where it has resided since January 2006, but the storage folks announced a raise in the monthly rental charges starting June 1st.  Since there was an empty 1-car garage that would hold the railroad until the upstairs was ready, we decided to move the railroad here.

 The photos below shows our new home and the last four trips made May 30, 2008.

  Here is our new home in Pooler, GA - just off of Interstate 95, northwest of the Savannah / Hilton Head Airport.
  David & Diana Lotz
  113 Magnolia Drive
  Pooler, GA  31322 

 Here is the one car garage that will eventually become my woodworking shop.  As you can see, we've already moved a lot prior to today.  Diana, Cheryl (my sister) & I had moved at least three loads of tools and boxes in the van.  Cheryl was here from Burlington for a visit and offered to help.  Josh & Joel helped Wednesday evening with one load in the van and pickup. Everything you see in the garage came from the storage unit.

 The first two of the last four loads for today.   In the pickup are the two halves of the helix and in the van are various sections of decking and uprights.  Joel had the day off, so I took advantage of his time off - I needed a second person to get the helix moved. 

 Who says there isn't much room in a Dodge Caravan.  Brad & Dee Joseph, enjoy!

 This is the storage unit with the last two loads still to be loaded.  Will we make it?

 Last load in the pickup - helix and Burlington / West Burlington uprights with the Mississippi River horizontal frame wedged in the middle.  The upright that is sticking way up had actually shifted up 90 degrees during the trip here.  Gave me a bit of concern...but it made it.

 Last load in the van - more decking and uprights.  Not a wasted inch!

 Whew!  Didn't think there would be enough room, but with the aid of a very large shoehorn, it fits and the door closes.  Now all we need to do is finish unpacking and sorting so we can start deconstruction of the upstairs bedrooms and drill through the bathroom walls for the staging yards and reconstruction of the B&MRR will begin!  I'm hoping that this process will begin by the end of September.