Burlington & Missouri River Railroad
An HO Scale Model Railroad by David Lotz




This page contains thumbnail images of the reconstruction in chronological order.  Click on the date to navigate to the latest update, 
then click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

September 9, 2009    January 16, 2011     November 27, 2011

 September 9, 2009

Step one was to relocate the laundry facilities to the first floor.  Washer, dryer and shelving have been removed and we're ready to find out what is behind the drywall. At this point we are ready to move the 220 line for the dryer, move the washer drain, cut and cap the water and drain lines.  

 January 16, 2011

The E. Galesburg staging framework is temporarily placed to determine where the two holes for the staging yard will be cut into the west bathroom wall.  This also let us know how far we needed to move the toilet after rotating 90 degrees.  This located along the north wall in the northwest corner of the house.   Here the privacy knee wall has been removed and all of the baseboard.  After removing the builder-grade linoleum, the toilet will be rotated 90 degrees and moved.  To do this, an access hole has been cut in the ceiling of the garage.  New tile will be laid and new baseboard will be installed.  Through the bathroom, I'm considering cutting down the uprights to be even with the upper deck.

The 2nd section of the Galesburg staging yard has been moved out of the garage in preparation for placing on the framing.  You can see evidence of why we chose to remove all of the trackage that was not yet ballasted!  This, and another turnout will obviously need to be replaced. The vanity-length mirror was luckily removed in one piece and will be replaced with a narrower mirror.  We've decided to keep the vanity in-place and simply run the lower staging yard over it and through the east wall.

  November 27, 2011 

Here, the toilet has been relocated, the new tile has been laid and the painting is complete.    Staging yard framing in this room is completed with facia and lower kick-plate installed.  Both decks are through the bathroom walls. With the ceilings here being higher than the basement in St. Louis, I'm considering adding an upper shelf with lighting for the top deck.
We widened the closet door here and when placing holes for the staging yards in the east wall of the bathroom, we found an unexpected vent pipe.  Luckily, we do not have to relocate the heating duct!! The vent pipe has been "adjusted" and both staging openings have been located.
The lower staging deck is ready to be spliced back together where you see the clamps. Just enough of the uprights have been installed to hold the lower staging deck until the next opportunity to work on the layout.
These shots show the framing that has been moved out of the single car garage, brought upstairs and organized, ready for reassembly.